The Art of Greener Fields and Giving Up

Ever come across a recruiter trying to seduce you to join their organization? The incentives seem so out of the world and magical at the same time. Optimism and opportunity seem to play with each other and you just feel like grabbing it. Yes the grass does seem greener on the other side! Before you plunge yourself into this unwatered territory, just stop and think about the reasons for leaving your current job. If you were forced to leave, then it probably would make sense to quit and take up at an organization where they are obviously making you feel like you are wanted. Having said this, I like to think I practice something different – what I call “try till you just had to give up”. I believe, I am someone who practices and applies the same philosophy regardless of the context/environment of the situation – work/personal/whatever else there is. In love, just like in war and work – I have always thought, very naively of course, that it was very important that I just had to give it another shot – another try – till the conclusion papers fell right on my feet and had highlights which recited “JUST QUIT”.

There seems to be a direct correlation among the people whom I have met who have traits that allow them to look for “greener fields” and “giving up”. A person who is looking for a greener field is always ready to give up, whilst the person who does not look for greener fields – always seems to lack the meaning of “give up”. Now, this does not mean that there is a scientific research done behind such a thesis, and neither do I know of one that exists, but it seems like I would like to make this conclusion – very loud, clear and on my blog (which no one reads of course).

Love just like your work requires a certain amount of loyalty, honesty, responsibility and “never quit” attitude – for if it is not worth it – then why take it up in the first place. Again, there are circumstances when one needs to turn around and just walk away – I understand that, but too many people walk away for reasons that are too minute in my opinion. Too many people walk away because they just “had it”. When such a feeling comes along, when you think all is over and all is lost – I ask you to think about the excitement that flowed through your body when it was your first day at the job or your first kiss.

Remember – and then maybe the greener field wont seem so green anymore – maybe you wont just get seduced by the recruiter and give up …

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2 comments on “The Art of Greener Fields and Giving Up
  1. Wanderlust says:

    hmm.. interesting analogy.. but with love isnt it more of a “know when to quit or suffer” policy?

  2. its more like a lifestyle – just like in life, love, work and everything else you just gotta fight till you cant bear it no more …sometimes decisions are made for you and that makes it easier – the tougher part is when you have to figure out yourself

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