Swimming, I am, to you, but the tides I have to fight are eroding my armor.

Mostly naked, I am, I cannot fathom the day, I bear you nothing but my skin. Why?

Whatever I do hide, is the pure existence of the fears I like to shed; good and evil coexist.

My mind, it cries when an utterance of you, of any magnitude, reaches it’s footsteps. My heart gently whispers what has been mostly reassuring.

Are you diving? I ask you again, for all I can do is ask. No more.

I run through me that has any resemblance of you, my fingers. For they have no heart and mind that nurtures their inner evils.

Only my soul, for it has touched and felt something more pure than anything I have known. You.

Don’t worry about me. I plunge. I know not what awaits.

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