First Glimpse


He stood there, sifting through his Facebook News Feed, slouching all that he can gather about a world that he did not care about – not at that moment. He was an intense man, or at least that is what he has felt the past few years. The hunger for power, and the ambition to own more than others, had made him stronger, yet weaker. An intense emotion of the kindest sort would make him sorrow, like he had no goal. And he hated that feeling, the feeling of weakness – no final destination – no conquest in sight. He felt like she had landed, he had not met her in a while. But when he had seen her for the first time, he had gushed. For there ran a small dose of that emotion, the kindest sort, and it was the one time when he had liked it.

He sat down to contemplate on all the activities he wanted to do with her. “Where should I take her?” “Would she like doing that?” The questions continuously flowed. If he had paused for a second and maybe contemplated on the fact that she might be a free soul, it could have helped him later on, in his pursuit of her.  A text message popped up, reaffirming his thoughts that she had landed. “Walking out”, it said. He stood up and he saw her. The most beautiful face that exposed what he thought was a weakness and what he tried to get away from – he was just vulnerable. She looked around, as if she was completely lost, yet had the presence of someone who knew all the people surrounding her. She looked at him, and they connected. She smiled and he replied the compliment. As they both walked towards each other, he was running multiple algorithms on what would be the right and most appropriate gesture to welcome her – a handshake, a hug. She took the initiative and hugged him. He was extremely shy, and has always been like that during the first few moments when he was around someone he was attracted to. His cool, calm demeanor was usually tossed aside and out came the urge to look around and admire the most boring things. They exchanged pleasantries and he walked her to his car. It was the recent Porsche 911 model that he had purchased in order to “vow the ladies”, like his friends would say. He was not a big fan of cars; it was just that he always wanted a Porsche. He wasn’t sure whether the car would impress her, secretly hoping that it wouldn’t. She made a few joking remarks, reaffirming that she was his friend. He felt at ease.

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