About Me

Hey you!

My name is Thanesh Kumar Sadachcharan a.k.a TK or T or or TKNY or whatever else you want to come up with to make your life easier to address me. Just don’t try “Sir” or anything aristocratic – and do let me know of the nick name so that I can approve it just like the comments on my websites.

I am a Sri Lankan Tamil and Hindu by birth – though I would have to point out that I am not extremely religious in the sense that I do not believe in a single religion. I am spiritual though, and do believe in a divine being – just don’t like putting a name to it, added by a messenger with a book and of course a “sacred place”. 

I have a passion for politics and history and absolutely love sports – cricket, basketball, American football and lately running. I also love to write short stories and poems. I believe that honesty and loyalty are essential principles in life even though my juvenile character tends to portray the contrary and have been “judged inappropriately” many a times.

I work as a Enterprise Solutions Architect at Adobe. I am going to be updating this site with my previous experiences and all the cool projects that I am/have been working on as well as technical content/links as well.

This site is also dedicated to me rambling on about my philosophical thoughts or my political view points. It will also include my passion to write short stories and poems – none of which are displayed in my real life of course.  I am really not the “relationship”/”lovable” type.Trust me on that.

Anyways hope you enjoy the site and come back for more :)