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Sedated …

In words, while I can only dream of someone who thinks the same way… I cannot yet set an ultimatum, For I am not yet sure whether the battle has been won or lost. Till the last rain drop has

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The Art of Greener Fields and Giving Up

Ever come across a recruiter trying to seduce you to join their organization? The incentives seem so out of the world and magical at the same time. Optimism and opportunity seem to play with each other and you just feel

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Winners Are Always Risktakers!

As I watched the New England Patriots lose to the Indianapolis Colts, and the call made by Coach Bill Belichick – it makes me wonder why a 3 time Super Bowl championship coach would decide to throw, when it was

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Financial Theorem

Engineers, Teachers, Programmers and Scientists can never earn as much salary as business executives and sales people. This theorem can now be supported by a mathematical equation based on the following three postulates:  Postulate 1: Knowledge is Power (Knowledge=Power)  Postulate

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My Precious Moments …. One of my favorite songs of all time…

This is a song I relish …..

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Great Article by Thomas Friedman

Link on NY Times Cheers, -Thanesh

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New York, London, Mumbai – Colombo but Why?

As we see the fires blaze through the Taj Mahal hotel, newspaper reporters accumulate information and pass it through various media and the horrors/sadness of what has taken place in the high octane city of Mumbai, I wonder about the

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Twitter Links for Mumbai Search

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CNN Breaking News

Mumbai Under Seige

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Link to Live CNN IBN Live streaming of events unfolding in Mumbai

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